Monday June 24, Tuesday-Wednesday June 25-26

Summer Seminar 2024: Masa’ot

מסעות הקיץ תשפ”ד

מסע החבורה: The Chaburah Experience
Monday-Tuesday June 24-25 , 9 am – 3:30 pm

Join Rav Yishai, Rav Yehuda and Lifnai Vlifnim leaders for a two day journey focused on the heart of the Lifnai Vlifnim approach: the core components of the chaburah / lev hashavua. Learn how to facilitate activities and Torah learning that deepens self-awareness, community and connection to G-d and/or Jewish values. Gain a deeper understanding of the goals behind the various components and, through experience, appreciate the role of group dynamics and development in spiritual growth. For those preparing to facilitate their first chaburot/lev hashavua next year, time will be dedicated to learning practical skills and practicing facilitation while receiving meaningful feedback.

מסע האישי: The Personal Experience
Wednesday June 26, 9 am – 3:30 pm

Experienced Lifnai Vlifnim educators and newcomers alike are invited to a deep dive into the personal growth and self-reflective work of Lifnai Vlifnim as it relates to their ability to facilitate growth in others. Participants will explore their strengths and personal mission as Torah educators,  experience Torah learning that encourages greater self awareness and consider how to help others strengthen their own self awareness. 

Participation is free for educators from schools currently in or beginning the School Cohort Program (Cohorts 2, 3 and 4) as well as individuals registered for one of the new year long Lifnai Vlifnim Chaburot.

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Seminar fee

The seminar has been generously subsidized by the Mayberg Foundation in partnership with the JEIC and United, a program of the Israel Misrad HaTefutzos. For all participants in this year's school program, the seminar is free. For all other participants, fees are as follows:

  • $75 per day
  • $200 for all three days
  • We do not want costs to prevent attendance. Please contact if additional subsidies are needed.

    Please make a payment with the appropriate amount by either:

    - mailing a check to Lifnai Vlifnim at 1407 E. 5th St. Brooklyn, NY 11230

    - sending money via zelle. Please include your name in the memo
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