Lifnai Vlifnim seminars are powerful experiences where school or community based educators come together in person to immerse themselves in learning that deepens their connection with each other, Torah and themselves. Educators leave seminars with a sense of hitchadshut, renewal, and return to their schools, classrooms and communities with renewed energy and tools to apply in their setting.

Upcoming Seminars

Annual Winter and Summer Seminars include tracks for teachers that are part of the School Cohort Program as well as individual educators and schools interested in standalone learning experiences. 

Thursday, July 18th

Summer Workshop for Educators in Israel

Monday June 24, Tuesday-Wednesday June 25-26

Summer Seminar 2024: Masa’ot

Monday January 15, 2024

Winter Lifnai Vlifnim Workshop in Israel

Sunday Feb 4-Monday Feb 5, 2024

Winter Seminar 2024

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Past Seminars

Learn about past Lifnai Vlifnim seminars by following the links below.
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I leave Lifnai Vlfinim seminars reinvigorated and reconnected to my mission as a teacher. I’m amazed by how much I learned from the depth and authenticity of peers who joined me and the ability of a few powerful questions to facilitate a real sense of connection and community.


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