Giving Bracha to Apathy

פרשת זכור
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Written by:
Ms. Adina Blaustein
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ברכה ראשונה

What is something that surprised you this past week

לימוד ועבודה פנימית

Avoda Part One: Pick something on the list  below you feel most apathetic about, or stuck. 

my grades / my ability to do well in school 

my popularity / my social network 

my relationship with Hashem  

My feelings toward a class I don’t like 

Spend a few minutes journaling and answer the following questions: 

  1. Why did you pick this?  Why do you feel so strongly about this topic? What past experience led you to these emotions? 
  2. What is something you care DEEPLY about and feel a sense of ownership over - an area in your life you do feel that you can improve and change. What past experiences led you to these emotions. 

Avoda Part Two:  Partner up with another student.  Practice reflective listening. Listen to each other share, and when your partner finishes sharing, make sure to say “I hear you say that you feel X...did I get that correct?”   

Then, each partner should offer each other a bracha using the following formula: 

“I heard from you that you see your___________ (fill in the blank) in a cynical or apathetic way way. My bracha to you is that you may see your_______________ from a place of self-compassion, warmth, and positivity. “

ברכה אחרונה

Whip around…It’s important to me to believe that my feelings toward X can change because...

Notes to the teacher

  • This is the place to make suggestions to the teacher of different ways they may choose to facilitate this limmud
  • Or particular grade levels or sensitivities to take into account
  • Or anything else you think is important for the teacher to know

עבודת המורה

  • This is the place to raise some questions that make sure the teacher tests the limmud on themselves or others
  • Could be a general question like - which part of the limmud resonated most for you? Which question was the hardest for you to answer?
  • Or questions anticipating students’ responses- What do you think students will say for X or Y? To what extent are you open to being surprised?
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Please help others by sharing how you used the resource, how you adapted it (link to your own version!) and what worked more or less well. You can also post questions that Lifnai Vlifnim staff or community members will try to respond to.

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