Hoda’ah – Thank You

Prepare My Prayer, 48
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לימוד ועבודה פנימית

(20 minutes)

Introduction: So far, we have focused on one of three core components of תפילה, the בקשה. Today we will focus on a second component, הודאה. Gratitude, הודאה, is similar to בקשה in that it is always directed to somebody. I say Thank YOU because I recognize that there is something unique that you have done for me that deserves my direct thanks. 

(An interesting but perhaps ambitious start could be to go around and have everyone in the group say “Thank You” a few times. You could do this by just having everyone say it or in the ping-pong type way that was suggested with “Please” at the end of the last לב השבוע.)

Individual Avodah (students are highly encouraged to write)

1) Take two minutes to make a list of as many things as possible that you are thankful for. 

2) Read the list out loud to yourself, saying “Thank you for…” before each item.

3) Read the list out loud to yourself a second time, saying “Thank you ____ (insert who you are thankful to) for…” before each item.

Discussion in chavrutot of 2 or 3

Each chavruta should choose 2-3 of the things they are thankful for and share with their chavruta using the formulation above. You should expand a little on the item you originally listed, explaining in more detail what you are thankful for. 

The group should discuss what they learned about each other and themselves from the responses. They should consider what, if anything, changed  for them as they moved from making the list to reading the list to specifying who they are thanking.

ברכה אחרונה

(5 minutes)

Raise the following two questions. Either you can have open sharing or require each student to share their response to one or both of the questions:

  • Who would you like to make sure to more explicitly thank over the coming week(s)? For what?
  • What would you like to keep in mind when you thank Hashem in the ברכה of מודים over the coming week/s? 

Notes to the teacher

  • This is the place to make suggestions to the teacher of different ways they may choose to facilitate this limmud
  • Or particular grade levels or sensitivities to take into account
  • Or anything else you think is important for the teacher to know

עבודת המורה

  • This is the place to raise some questions that make sure the teacher tests the limmud on themselves or others
  • Could be a general question like - which part of the limmud resonated most for you? Which question was the hardest for you to answer?
  • Or questions anticipating students’ responses- What do you think students will say for X or Y? To what extent are you open to being surprised?
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Please help others by sharing how you used the resource, how you adapted it (link to your own version!) and what worked more or less well. You can also post questions that Lifnai Vlifnim staff or community members will try to respond to.

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